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Unlock your productivity

Point helps you easily save snippets of text, templates, and other content, and re-use them effortlessly on ANY website.
With our snippets, you will communicate quickly, intelligently, and effortlessly.

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Instantly find and insert your snippets, like a message template, or a LinkedIn introduction on any page.
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Gather all content in the Point library, and never search, copy, and paste again!
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Unify your team’s voice to your customers. Share your best performing snippets across your entire company.
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Reuse snippets in snippets to only have to update your profile once to keep all your templates up-to-date.

Easily access all your snippets.

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Autocomplete snippets directly where you type
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Get blazingly fast at communicating with a comprehensive suite of shortcuts
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Add new snippets in seconds whenever you repeat content
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Intuitive and intelligent notifications suggesting snippets to save and re-use

How the magic happens:

4 steps to greater productivity.

During the tutorial, pick some starter packs with useful snippets that kick-start your snippet library.
As you communicate and use Point, you continue building out a library of reusable content.
Point continues suggesting content you may want to re-use.
You can share snippets with the rest of your team to manage your brand voice.

What our users say:

“I love this product - and love that it gets better everyday :)”
Michael Seibel, CEO at YCombinator
“The tech is incredibly quick to learn. It's cut down on time spent answering the same questions.”
Customer Support at LusBrands
"Thank you for your wonderful service.”
Customer Support at ReadTheory
“Best AI for email, frictionless experience on Gmail. Not only words, complete sentences within context.”
Gustavo Zapico, IT at Netavanza
“It is very simple to use and it saves you time (...and nerves).”
Project manager at KickAssGrowth
“This is exactly what I needed!”
Kevin from Pathrise
“Its suggestions only get better with time as it learns from your email writing style.”
Fred at Forbes
“Great product. Cuts down the time spent on emails by a lot, means I can spend more time doing real work.”
Greg at Salesforce
“Your service is wonderful. It has shaved a significant amount of time off of my emails."
Support at
“The product is really useful for more nuanced conversations for sales or with customers.”
Kevin at Snackpass

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